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compositions by R. Barry Ulrich


Sound Archives from Mr. Ulrich's High School Performances
All music here was recorded from live performances.

Montebello High
School "Esquires"
Jazz Ensemble
(recorded live)

Re-recorded from LP

1. "Day by Day" arr. by
Minervini (Don Rader, solo
Trumpet. Ric DiBlasi, Piano)

2. "California Dreamin" arr.
by R. Barry Ulrich
Terry Federoff, T. Sax.

3. "Mac Arthur Park"-Arr. by Don Rader. Don Rader, Trumpet

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Montebello High
School "Esquires" Jazz Ensemble at the Hollywood Bowl "Battle of the Bands" 1969

Battle of the Bands '69

1. "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy"
Phil Roa, Organ. Terry Federoff, T. Sax. Nick Caliri, Guitar


Schurr High School Jazz Ensemble 1979
(recorded live)


Re-recorded from LP

1. "All of Me" arr. Billy Byers
Mark Gutierrez, Guitar.
2. "Go Fill Your Dreams" Sammy Nestico. Glen Hino, Flugelhorn. Mark Gutierrez, Guitar.
3. "Granada Smoothie"-Mark Taylor. John Madrid, Trumpet. Glen Hino, Flugelhorn. Mark Gutierrez, Guitar. Albert Gastelum, Trombone.



Schurr High School Wind Ensemble 1979

1. "Punchinello"-Alfred Reed

2. "Law and Order" March-Harry L. Alford



Montebello High School Day of Concerts and Clinics Night Concert-1972 "Esquires" (recorded live)

Re-recorded from LP

recorded by Richard Riccio.

1. "Once Upon a Time"-Pankow-Ulrich

2. "A Beautiful Set Indeed"-John Prince. Jim Bangar, Drums.

3. "Jamie"-Sammy Nestico

Bill Tole Big Band featuring Bud Brisbois, Trumpet Soloist.

1. "But Beautiful"-Barone

2. "Bud's Blues"-Niehaus

3. "Watermelon Man"-Barone


Montebello High
School Concert Band 1972 (Live Concert)

1. "Gloria" March-F.H. Losey

2. "Suite Concertante" by
Vaclav Nehlybel.

Schurr High School Symphonic Band 1980
(recorded live)

Schurr 1980

Re-recorded from LP

Symphony No. 6 for Band-
Vincent Persichetti

1. Adagio-Allegro
2. Adagio Sostenuto
3. Allegretto
4. Vivace

special note: Thanks to Leonard Narumi for help with percussion section.



Stage Band

1. Just the Way You Are
2. Keep the Change
3. Jamie
4. Let Me Be the One
5. If I Were a Bell


Corona Invitational
Jazz Festival 1970 (recorded live)

Corona Jazz Frestival 1970

Re-recorded from LP

1. The Shadow of Your Smile
Terry Federoff, T. Sax.

2. "Big Sur Echo"-Jim Ercole, Flute.



Southwestern College
6th Annual Jazz Concert

(recorded live)

Southwest Jazz 68

Re-recorded from LP

Montebello HS "Esquires"

1. "Mox Nix"-Jeff Ewins, Trpt. Dave Kaufman, Alto. Nick Caliri, Guitar.