Schurr High School Marching Band 1983
Schurr High School Marching Band-1978-79

compositions by R. Barry Ulrich

Photo-Schurr High School Band
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Schurr High School Marching Band- in 1983.
R . Barry Ulrich, Director. (click on picture for enlargement).
  Band Executive and Managers, Tina Miyaji, Tina
Vartanian, David Webster, Duane Doerr. 1983

Ulrich on field rehearsing half-time show with half-time
formations paper in his mouth.

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"Mas Juevos!!". Ulrich directing half-time show. 1978   Maintaing straight diagonals is important in March-
ing competition.
  The Schurr Mighty Spartan Band playing pre-game
show at Heman Field.
    Tom Mazur and Robert Falcon    
    Tom Mazur, Robert Falcon (wearing the infamous
"Mr. Kind" tee shirt) and Schultz the Wonder
Dog! 1974