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A Grand Duo Piano Concert
October 27, 2012

A Dedication of the Anderson pianos to Rogue Community College

Mikiko Perucelli and Mark Reppert Duo Piano
with Nathan Kondrat, baritione
Piano 4 hands on "Random Blackouts"

The Rose-Lipt Girls are Sleeping by William Ashworth

Confusion, Clarity, Conversation by Ken Deveney

Dancing with my Angel by Ted Dollarhide

Random Blackouts by Greg Steinke
wih Nathan Condrat, tenor
1. Trees; 2. Origins are Easy; 3. Dirty Word; 4. Extincion is Bliss
5. Fireflies; 6. Leaves on Fire; 7. The Buzz of Insects; 8. Gasoline; 9. Farewell

A Short Piece (piano solo) by R. Barry Ulrich

For Persons Out-OF-Time by I'lana Cotton