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The SyZyGy Ensemle
May 30, 2009

Freaturing compositon by NACUSASOR member and
Winner of the student composition contest

Chris Sherer, violin; Debra Harris, flute; Kristin Kessler, oboe; Marla Kasdorf, clarinet;
Lisa Truelove, cello; David Rogers, Guitar; William Ashworth, Gutar;
Stephen Truelove, piano; Ashley Hoe, piano

Ten Short Pieces by R. Barry Ulrich
1. The Tumblers 2. Contrasts 3. In a Canoe 4. Going Home on the Freeway in L.A.
5. Riding a Bike (for the first time) 6. Matryoshka Dolls 7. Prelude and Dance 8. Deer in the Headlights
9. Under a Shade Tree 10 Are We Having Fun Yet?

The Isand by Mark Eliot Jacobs

Blessed are the Pure in Heart by William Ashworth

Night Crossing by I'lana Cotton

Hummingbird by David Rodgers (guitar solo)

Infinity's Reflection by Stephen Truelove

Fantasy by Diego Velasquez (Student composition winner)